CakeBoxx LLC introduced a revolutionary door-less intermodal cargo container at Intermodal, a container tradeshow held this month in Hamburg, Germany. The patent-pending door-less design of the container, the company reported, will be the first of its kind in the world. It is designed specifically to combat container theft, a primary security threat to global economies.

According to the company, the container is fashioned after a cake platter with a top and bottom, hence the name CakeBoxx.

A recent study conducted by the Rand Corp. reported that only 5% of containers entering the U.S. are scanned or X-rayed and only 5% of those are then inspected by hand. As a result, the current global cargo container system is one of the biggest security vulnerabilities facing ports and supply chains across the world.

CakeBoxx’s door-less intermodal cargo container is designed to reduce significant terrorism risks. Once the container is closed, CakeBoxx explained, nothing will get out or in, since the interior cannot be accessed without specialized container handling equipment, available only to authorized personnel for access during routine customs and security screenings.

“Approximately 90% of global trade is shipped via intermodal cargo containers,” noted Garry Whyte, CakeBoxx LCC founder, “and any disruption of the steady flow of container transport would have a devastating impact on international economies. Our CakeBoxx door-less cargo container…will greatly reduce the opportunity for theft, vandalism and smuggling….”