Three fuel-fired auxiliary heaters from Espar Heater Systems have been certified as meeting strict new idling emissions standards from the California Air Resources Boards (CARB), according to the manufacturer.

The standards, which take effect January 1, 2008, impose a five-minute idling limit on all diesel-powered commercial vehicles with GVW ratings over 10,000 lbs., as well as regulate exhaust gas emissions from anti-idling alternative technologies such as heaters and auxiliary power units (APUs).

The three Espar products meeting CARB certification requirements are the Airtronic DE small bunk heater, the Airtronic D4 large bunk heater and the Hydronic 5 engine pre-heaters.

All three are now shipping with stickers certifying that they meet the new auxiliary unit limits on NOX, CO, particulate matter, HCHO and NMOG, according to Espar. “We will have one (sticker) on the heater and one for the driver to place on his vehicle, so that in the event the driver is asked for proof, he can readily show the inspector that the heater has met conformance (with the new rules),” said John Dennehy, Espar vp of marketing & communications.