General Truck Tires, with a history dating back to 1915, will be refocusing its branding efforts, launching new products and renaming its off-road tire line.

General Tire is a Continental Tire the Americas (CTA) brand.

“The General name is one that our customers know and trust, but today we are going to strengthen it even further with our new focus,” said Libor Heger, CTA’s truck tire brand manager. “Our plan is to offer dealers more choice than ever before. Over the next year, we’ll be extending our product portfolio with coverage in more sizes, as well as more coverage in the on/off road segment.”

The company announced that all General truck tires will be renamed as new products are launched in an effort to simplify product choices and accurately reflect their intended wheel positions and applications. Highway tires will be given the name General H while regional tires will be labeled General R.

All off-road tires will take the name Grabber from the company’s successful passenger and light truck tire division.

“The Grabber name is the perfect reflection of how General truck tires offer great traction and durability for the on/off road segment,” Heger said. “We’ll be starting this process with our new Grabber OA, the General truck tire for off-road, all-position driving.”

The Grabber OA launched on July 1 in sizes 11R22.5 and 11R24.5. It is based on the General MS520 steer and all-position truck tire for construction and other off-road applications. It sports a 23/32nd tread depth, resistance to cutting and chipping, a strong sidewall to prevent damage from curbing and groove technologies designed to minimize stone retention.

The General brand is also receiving a full-color databook with complete tire product information and specifications and new literature for each tire.