Trailer maker Great Dane showcased a selection of its products that it says are both durable and environmentally friendly this week at the Technology and Maintenance Council’s annual meeting in Tampa.

The main feature of its display was Great Dane's dry van trailer line, the SSL, which boasts numerous green components that virtually eliminate all wood from the trailer, with the exception of the trailer floor.

In addition to being eco-friendly, these components together help improve fuel efficiency and help extend trailer life, said Great Dane. These components includiePunctureGuard front wall, scuff bands, CorroGuard corrosion protection on suspensions and support gear, patented interior panels featuring a composite backer, AeroFlex side skirts, WAXIN floor protection and P-u-R floor undercoating.

In particular, the AeroFlex's unique wedge-configured fairings design and increased side coverage offer fuel efficiency gains of up to 7.5%, said the trailer maker. In addition, the side skirts are constructed of HDPE plastic sheets that are durable and can flex upward, outward and inward to provide unlimited clearance.

The trailer floor – available only from Prolam – on the SSL is the only wood component of the SSL model and features two of the flooring company's innovations to resist moisture. The first eight feet from the rear of the trailer is protected with WAXIN coating, which helps reduce surface wear, and P-u-R, a hot melt polyurethane reactive undercoating, protects against breakdowns associated with intense water spray and road debris.