A new line of heaters from Powerblanket provide constant temperature control for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) totes, pumps, and dispensing units in cold weather environments.

The DEF heaters use GreenHeat technology to create a barrier of insulated heat that protects against freezing. GreenHeat technology is a “heat-spreading system that is designed to provide a highly efficient and uniform distribution of heat while consuming low levels of energy,” thus allowing DEF to be warmed without compromising the chemical integrity of the product, Powerblanket said.

The DEF heaters are manufactured and certified to UL, CSA and ETL safety standards. They are available in standard 275- and 330-gal. tote sizes, with custom sizes available upon request. Standard Powerblanket DEF heaters are rated to -10 deg. F while Arctic versions are rated to perform in temperatures as low as -40 deg. F.

The entire system can be installed or removed by one person in 10 minutes or less, said the company, and is safe to use on both metal and plastic containers. Each tote heater is powered by 120V electricity and includes a preset digital thermostatic controller.