Two new heavy-duty training courses are now available from the Honeywell Consumer Products Group. The courses, one covering heavy-duty cooling systems and antifreeze/coolants, and the other heavy-duty and commercial vehicle Fram Filter product knowledge, are three-hour classes available exclusively to Honeywell customers.

At a cost of $500, the classes are hosted by customers for an unlimited number of participants, although a minimum of three is required. They are taught by the Consumer Products Group Technical Training team. Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The cooling systems course offers an understanding of cooling system failures and antifreeze/coolant technologies used on today’s heavy-duty vehicles. In addition, technicians will receive information on the latest Prestone products and the latest methodologies for testing and diagnosing engine coolant temperature sensor circuits.

In the Fram product knowledge course, technicians and sales personnel will be comprehensive information on Fram filtration products.

To register, email Jay Buckley at or call 1-248-629-3680.