The new Universal Hub Puller HD with Plate from OTC Tools is said to offer technicians the tool they need to free frozen hubs, axle shafts, and other tough pulling applications without damaging the components.

The hub puller is ideal for pushing the drive axle out of the wheel hub center, or for pulling the hub off of the drive axle, OTC, a SPX Brand, said.

“Any technician that has ever run across an axle frozen into a hub or similar will benefit from this tool,” said Rob Kochie, SPX Service Solutions product manager of equipment and heavy-duty tools. “Applying heat or directly striking the axle and/or hub components typically results in damage and requires replacement. This tool will eliminate that damage along with saving time and money of replacement.”

Adjustable sliding puller legs can be positioned anywhere on the puller center hub to create a universal fit on wheel hubs with 5- to 8-in. bolt circles, the company said. It delivers up to 20 tons of pressing power and includes a forged puller assembly coupled with a 1-in. drive screw for applying large force without damaging components.

It is approved with use with an impact gun or can be struck with a hammer.