Knaack LLC has made improvements to its Weather Guard roof-mounted ladder-rack equipment used on commercial full-size vans and minivans. The company said the new design features enhance the unit’s durability while making it safer and easier for one person to load, transport, and unload ladders, as well as other oversized items carried on roof racks. The design modifications pertain specifically to the Weather Quick Clamp Ladder Rack and the Nissan NV Ladder Rack units.

Improvements to the Quick Clamp Ladder Rack include modifications to the mounting plates and the front rails to protect ladders when loading and unloading; beefing-up the clamp mechanism for added strength and longer life; and improved engineering of the gas springs to provide a tougher exterior case to withstand wear, and internal brass bushings that prevent strip-out.

Other key improvements to the Quick Clamp Ladder Rack include:

·Ladder Hooks on the front end of the side rails have been extended and angled outward for easier loading of ladders in tight places

·A long-lasting design that utilizes 3/16-in. extruded aluminum rails, and stainless steel gutter clamps and hardware

·Anti-wear protection on clamps helps protect ladders during transport

·Adjustable sway braces for easy ladder change-out

Design modifications to the Nissan NV Ladder Rack pertain to the Ez-Glide system and improve weight distribution to meet current Nissan requirements. The Ez-Glide system allows for one-person loading and unloading of ladders with the use of an ergonomic drive arm. A hydraulic cylinder provides a smooth, quiet, and effortless descent and a zero-impact drop that reduces noise and equipment wear.

The improved models are now available for both Nissan NV standard height vans and high-roof vans.

A video demo of Nissan NV storage options can be viewed at: