JOST International has unveiled two new lightweight landing gear products that do not compromise on strength, the company said.

The AlumiLightX, part of JOST’s AX100 aluminum hybrid landing gear series, is rated at 50,000-lb. lift capacity and 27,000 lbs. side load capacity. It is designed to be durable, lightweight, and corrosion resistant.

The upper leg on the AlumniLightX is made from extruded aluminum and features a heavy-duty reinforced strap for side load strength. The lower leg is made from polyester coated HSLA steel for added corrosion protection. The AlumiLightX is available in inside and outside mount and a full set can save as much as 40 lbs. over competitive models.

“Reducing the weight of trailers in order to increase payload and/or to improve fuel efficiency is a high priority for many commercial fleets,” said Brian Moynihan, OEM sales manager–trailer products. “Spec’ing a set of landing gear that can help in that regard makes sense. Our new products do that without giving up any of the quality JOST is known for.”

With a rated lift capacity of 55,000 lbs. and a side load capacity of 29,000 lbs., the JOST UL500 landing gear is 27 lbs. lighter than similarly rated landing gear, according to the company.

A re-engineered lift nut and the HSLA material used in the manufacture of the UL500 Landing Gear reduces the weight without decreasing strength, JOST said. Each leg can be outfitted with a grease tube for reduced maintenance requirements.

Each new product is built with the standard JOST internal gear box which protects the gearing from abuse and moisture intrusion.