Luber-finer, a division of Champion Laboratories, has announced the availability of its Extended Service Coolant Filters.

Developed to maintain and protect cooling systems during extended service intervals of up to one year, 150,000 miles or 4,000 hours, the filters can be used with conventional coolant, ethylene or propylene glycol.

The filters have a specially formulated synthetic media and are pre-charged with a Controlled Release Technology (CRT) supplemental coolant additive to provide extra protection against corrosion, cavitation and scale during longer service intervals.

A holding chamber inside the shell keeps the patented CRT coolant separate from the filter media to prevent degradation and provide even release. The new filters are also designed with an all-steel base plate to provide durability and strength for stability over extended service levels, in addition to a double-rolled seam that ensures a tight fit to prevent leakage.