Snap-on has released a new ½-in. drive, 12-piece semi-deep six-point metric impact socket set.

Ranging in sizes from 15 to 27 millimeters, the set features a flank drive wrenching system that grips the fastener on the flanks/flat for up to 20% more turning power; and heat-treated sockets that offer more durability that chrome sockets under continuous use, Snap-on said.

“The new Snap-on metric impact socket sets are designed and manufactured to withstand heavy blows and can endure continual use,” said Scott Amundson, product manager for Snap-on. “These durable sockets provide more turning power which will enable you to complete jobs quicker and more efficiently.”

The sockets also include a square drive side hole that works with ball or pin-type retention, and a depth that allows the sockets to start to thread the nut onto the stud.

The product number is 312IMMS.