Since launching in February, the Michelin Commercial Service Network has grown more than 70% with 200 new locations nationwide.

In addition, with the network providing enhanced service to the Michelin OnCall Emergency Road Service (ERS), there has been an 80% increase in “events” this year over 2010, Michelin said.

“The Michelin Commercial Service Network and its use by fleets continues to grow because customers are seeing the benefits of a consistent, comprehensive service package from coast to coast,” said Bill Guzick, vice president of business development for Michelin Americas Truck Tires. “Wherever they go, fleets have access to certified service technicians, trained to maximize fleets’ uptime. And with online reporting and tracking tools, fleets are able to analyze their service needs to gain greater efficiency.”

The network employs 1,700 TIA-trained technicians with a roll-time target of less than 2 hours for ERS calls, the company said. After-hours road service is coordinated through a centralized dispatch system with no dispatch fee for Michelin National Account or Advantage Program fleets in service calls with Michelin tire purchases.

Fleets can track their ERS events for free by registering, at no charge, for the Michelin Premier Service Offer. Additional monthly ERS analysis is available with an account upgrade to Premier Elite.

The online reporting tools in Premier and Premier Elite include dashboard reporting of everything from purchases to scrap tires. Premier customers also receive a customized service manual that outlines the fleet’s specifications and requirements to both servicing dealers and the fleet’s terminals. Premier Elite customers receive a more deluxe service manual that is online.

Both services offer a full catalog of web-based training courses designed to keep technicians up-to-date on maintenance standards and safety practices.