A new regional and long-haul drive tire designed for optimum performance on tandem axle drive tractors provides improved fuel efficiency without sacrificing removal mileage, Bridgestone Commercial Solutions Group said.

The Firestone-branded tire, the FD695 Plus, is approved for use on SmartWay and CARB-compliant equipment, the company said.

The FD695 Plus has a 26/32-in original tread depth and improved wear thanks to its cap/base tread compounding design, Bridgestone said. Continuous shoulder ribs distribute weight and torque evenly to fight irregular wear, and they are coupled to an aggressive center lug tread design to provide solid wet traction.

It meets EPA’s low-rolling resistance standard of at least 3% better fuel economy than the average ‘best-selling’ new tire.

Retreading for additional drive axle or trailer service is also an option thanks to the tire’s four full steel belts and a steel body ply.