A new roller insert for tire inflation cages is said to improve safety and ease of use for technicians.

The EZ Tire Rotator from Ken-Tool includes rollers so a technician can safely and easily rotate a wheel/tire assembly into the proper position before inflating. The tech does not have to physically lift or remove the wheel and tire from the cage, instead simply rolling it into position so the valve stem in orientated properly, Ken-Tool said. It also helps to prevent a technician’s hand from being pinched when attaching a clip-on air chuck.

The insert fits most 3-, 4-, and 5-bar cages. The rollers are made of 2x9.5-in heavy-duty steel ball bearings and the entire unit is quickly installed by simply tipping and sliding it into the cage.

In the event that a tire and wheel assembly should explode in the cage, the EZ Tire Rotator remains secure in the bottom of the cage and will not present any hazards of flying objects, according to the company.