Using molded elastomeric material to resist crushing, Grote Industries’ new Ultra-Link-Coil-Cords offer increased strength and reliability over competitive coil cords, Grote said.

“Competitors often produce coil cords using stamped terminals with minimal thickness,” said Bob Dobrow, business development manager for power delivery systems for Grote Industries. “Their plug bodies are subject to crushing and do not prevent water from entering. We have engineered our new coil cords with extremely durable materials, such as advanced polymer jackets and solid brass terminals.”

The material helps act as potting that seals terminals from moisture and is molded with a special adhesive that bonds with the cable to eliminate the need for a spring. Die-cast sleeves also increase dimensional stability and wear characteristics.

An advanced polymer jacket material is designed to work between 55 deg. below zero to over 190 deg. Fahrenheit.