At the 2010 Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) annual meeting in Tampa, FL, Phillips Industries conducted a hands-on demonstration of their Permalogic Selector System; a system designed to more efficiently re-charge trailer liftgate batteries via either truck or refer unit batteries to reduce liftgate service calls.

Bruce Purkey, president of Purkey’s Electrical Consulting, Inc., assisted Phillips Industries in developing the Permalogic system and said it is desoigned to do several things: Charge liftgate batteries whether the trailer is hooked up to a truck or sitting idle; Maximize charging time to the liftgate batteries for heavy cycle liftgates; and provide a 14.4 volt, 20 amp charge to liftgate batteries, charging them to their fullest capacity.

Purkey added that the system requires no driver intervention – it is completely automated. It also comes available with Dome Lamp Shut Off Control, to prevent drivers from leaving dome lamps on in the trailer to shut off dome lights when the brake pedal is engaged.