TAMPA, FL. Phillips Industries announced two new Permalogic trailer power management products here yesterday ahead of the Technology & Maintenance Council's winter meeting.

Permalogic TC and Permalogic TC Plus now join the original Permalogic dome-lamp controller introduced by Phillips last year. Bill Phillips, director of sales, said the Permalogic product family allows for efficient use of the blue trailer accessory wire to operate ancillary devices such as interior dome lamps and liftgates. He stated that by choosing the correct Permalogic product for their specific trailer needs, fleets can reduce maintenance time and lower costs by
properly managing power.

He noted the Permalogic dome lamp controller "eliminates any chance of accidentally leaving interior trailer dome lamps on by cutting off power to the lamps when the brake pedal is depressed. Power is also interrupted when there is an under/over battery voltage situation or at a pre-determined elapsed time."

The new Permalogic TC liftgate battery-charging system allows for more frequent liftgate usage because it provides a 14.4-volt charge to the liftgate batteries, charging them to full capacity, said Phillips. In most cases, the device can eliminate a dual or single pole setup, he added, and because it automatically interrupts the charge when the brakes are applied, it allows full power to the ABS system when needed.

The new Permalogic TC Plus combines the liftgate battery-charging system and the Permalogic dome lamp controller into a single nosebox. It allows for trailer dome lamps to be controlled normally and the liftgate charger used when needed to provide maximum charge to the liftgate battery.