DiamondBack Automotive Accessories Inc.’s new 180 and 270 model pickup bed covers aimed at fleet operators “offer the complete bed security characteristic of the classic DiamondBack product line, but with increased access to tools and equipment.” The company also said the new DiamondBack covers maximize the bed space of a standard pickup and provide features similar to those found on utility body trucks at close to half the price of a utility body.

The DiamondBack 180 cover features a “butterfly” tonneau cover, which the company said enables access to either side of the truck bed. Long side panels provide the ability to easily get tools from the truck, while the metal construction of the cover provides security for equipment.

The DiamondBack 270 boasts a unique, three-hatch cover that gives 100% access to the cargo bed, said the company. The cover opens from the sides of the truck near the cab as well as from the rear of the truck. In addition to furnishing access and security, this design allows for the ability to fold or remove the rear panel to accommodate tall cargo. The DiamondBack 270 is available in both a standard 2-in profile as well as an elevated 4-in profile to increase bed volume.

DiamondBack said it offers standard bins for both the 180 and 270 to help fleets get more utility out of their truck beds. Bins that are 4- or 8-in deep permit tools and small equipment to be suspended directly underneath the covers’ doors while maintaining full use of the space on the bed floor.

Bins 1-in deep for the DiamondBack 270 give fleets storage similar to that of a gull wing tool box, but with a cover for the rear portion of the bed as well. In addition to these standard bins, DiamondBack offers custom bin options to meet fleets’ specific needs.

DiamondBack manufactures what it calls “utility-oriented” aluminum bed covers and accessories for Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota, and Nissan pickup trucks.