LOUISVILLE, KY. Three new products introduced by Thermo King at the Mid-America Trucking Show here all focus on helping fleets meet environmental targets and save money at the same time.

The TriPac E Electric APU System, the T-1000 Spectrum Mult-Temp Unit for trucks and the SmartPower High Output Electric Standby option build on Thermo King’s reputation for meeting customer needs.

“Our customers need technology that not only meets and evolves with regulatory and environmental requirements,” said Chris Casazza, president. “They also need technology that reduces costs in order to remain competitive. Our innovations are designed to help them achieve both of these goals now and throughout the lifecycle of their fleets.”

The TriPac E Electric APU System is an all-electric auxiliary idle reduction and temperature management system. Designed to maintain comfortable cab conditions without running the engine, the battery-operated system runs quieter and is emissions-free, which means it meets anti-idle and anti-emissions regulations that are popping up all around the country.

The SmartPower High Output Electric Standby Option offers the choice between a 24 hp. high-output electric standby option or the existing 14 hp. version. According to Thermo King, the unit provides quicker pre-cool with less run time and its electric motor reduces emissions, waste generation and noise.

For those who need more than one temperature zone in their truck, the T-1000 Spectrum provides an answer. It’s Tier 4 engine emits 38% less particulate matter and 54% less carbon monoxide than previous engines. It’s SmartPower electric standby option along with its Advanced Fuel-Saving Control technology provides additional fuel savings in all ambient conditions, Thermo King said.

The T-1000 is available in a variety of two- and three-compartment configurations.