A new line of devices designed to protect batteries and battery-powered equipment has been released by Cole Hersee Co.

The FlexMod LVD line includes configurable electronic modules that control non-essential loads that can drain batteries, the company said. It automatically shuts down non-essential loads when the battery runs low and restores those loads once battery power returns to normal.

The FlexMod family has two inputs (one analog and one digital) and two solid state outputs (one 10A, one 200A) that can be programmed to do almost any job, according to Cole Hersee.

The line includes the 48610 electronic low voltage disconnect which preserves battery charge and protects battery banks; the 48636 electronic timer for interior lighting, which prevents the internal lights inside a vehicle from being left on and draining the battery; the 48540 smart battery isolator controller, which monitors two battery banks and controls one or more relays or contactors to protect starting power; and the 48541 electronic voltage sensing relay & timer, which monitors both battery voltage and ignition status, shutting down non-critical loads when the cutoff voltage is reached.