Remy, Inc. unveiled the new Delco Remy 44M heavy duty starter at the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) trade show in Tampa, FL – a starter equipped with patented technologies designed to ease installation, increase reliability, and providing a significantly longer life cycle than any starter on the market today. It will be available for sale in the fourth quarter this year, according to the company.

“Today's truck engines are harder to start and require more crank than ever before due to increased emission standards and anti-idling regulations,” noted Jay Pittas, Remy’s president. “These extreme engine conditions and frequent starts and stops require a starter that is more robust and durable.”

The Delco Remy 44MT starter generates 8.5 kilowatts (kW) at 12 volts and comes equipped with an Internal Magnetic Switch Solenoid (IMMS); a one wire design integrated inside the solenoid verses traditional starter designs. The starter is also able to withstand engine temperatures up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remy's patented new Clutch Over Planetary Gear Drive System (COPG) design has a more robust clutch shell and ring gear withstanding more torque, said Pittas, with the idea to improve soft start engagements by slowly rotating the pinion until it is properly engaged to the ring gear before cranking. This reduces engagement milling and teeth abutments resulting in improved reliability and overall extending the ring gear life, he said.

Remy's Integrated Over Crank Protection (OCP) is another new feature; a self-contained, one-wire design with no additional connections required, completely eliminating the need for a vehicle wiring harness. OCP is a built-in circuit breaker that protects the starter from thermal damage and automatically resets at safe operating temperatures, said Pittas.