Roadleveler all-make brake components, including brake shoes and hardware kits for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, feature a special anti-corrosion compound that helps the aftermarket parts resist chemicals applied to roadways to make snow removal easier.

The products, sold through Paccar Parts, uses a special hydroplex enamel coating to resist magnesium chloride and calcium chloride that state and local governments often use to prevent ice from building up on roads.

“Since these chemicals don’t readily evaporate and are highly soluble in water, chemical de-icers stick around and prevent ice from forming on the roadways, making snow removal easier,” said Jeff Sass, general marketing manager for Paccar Parts. “But those same qualities make it easier for the corrosive chemicals to penetrate truck components like brakes.”

Roadleveler products are precision fit, all-make replacement parts, the company noted. In addition to the enamel coating, Roadleveler parts use a process called coining to extend their useful life. Coining is a form of precision stamping which can also eliminate gaps between the shoe table and the friction material. The elimination of the gaps also prevents water and road chemicals from seeping behind the friction material, Sass said.