Because there is no national certification, licensing or directory of vehicle lift inspectors, truck fleets and other lift users are often left to locate an inspector on their own to meet the ANSI national standard of yearly lift inspections. Rotary Lift is aiming to make that process easier with its new Inspect to Protect nationwide heavy-duty inspection program.

“In this tough economy, many fleets are delaying new equipment purchases and hanging onto their existing trucks longer, leading to increased maintenance,” said Roger Perlstein, director of heavy duty for Rotary. “At the same time, OSHA and various state and local regulatory agencies now regularly include vehicle lifts in their workplace inspections. As a result, it is critical that fleets and independent repair facilities know whether their vehicle lifts are working properly in order to maintain employee safety and productivity.”

The program makes it easy to find a qualified inspector by calling 800-640-5438. A Rotary Lift representative will connect the caller to local, factory-trained lift inspection providers through the Rotary authorized installer network.

Each participating Inspect to Protect company has inspectors who meet “qualified lift inspector” standards as outlined in the ANSI standard. Plus, each company is required to attend annual Rotary Lift training, maintain insurance coverage and be able to provide customers with lift maintenance, repair and genuine Rotary replacement parts.

The Rotary Lift Inspect to Protect program runs from Sept. 1, 2009 through Dec. 31, 2009