Shell Lubricants has redesigned its portfolio of transmission fluids, gearbox oils, mobile hydraulic oils, gear and axle oils, and greases, to simplify the product lineup to make selecting the proper product easier, the company said.

Shell Donax and Shell Dentax products have been consolidated under the Shell Spirax brand of gear oils, axle oils and transmission fluids. All grease products are now under the Shell Gadus brand. Shell Retinax, Shell Rhodina, Shell Albida and Shell Alvania are among the products now in the Shell Gadus portfolio.

“We developed our simplified portfolio of premium gear oils, hydraulic oils and greases to enable vehicle and equipment operators to select the products designed to deliver optimum value to their operations,” said Dan Arcy, OEM technical manager. “These products can help improve system efficiency and ultimately help maximize productivity.”

The revamped lineup includes new packaging labels and product guides. New names, color coding, and visual icons are among the tools to help differentiate the products. Packaging is also being standardized, Shell said, to make stacking and storage of the products easier.