Snap-on Tools is offering four rebate amounts on purchases over $2,500 for the next several months. The Snap-on 4x4 in Overdrive rebate program is in effect through April 27, 2012. A Snap-on purchase of $2,500 or more made on an approved extended credit contract is eligible for instant rebate savings ranging from $250 to $2,000, the company said.

“We wanted to give our customers a great start to the year with the Snap-on 4x4 in Overdrive rebate program,” said Rick Secor, director of marketing communications for Snap-on Tools. “With savings up to $2,000, it’s the perfect time to make an investment in Snap-on diagnostic equipment, a new tool storage unit or any of our innovative tools designed to make you more productive every day.”

Purchases of at least $2,500 qualify for a $250 instant rebate. Purchases above $5,000 net a $750 rebate; above $7,500 a $1,250 rebate; and over $10,000 a $2,000 rebate.