Grote Industries has added new integrated flange 4-in. stop/tail/turn and dual-system back-up lamps to its SuperNova NexGen LED lamp offerings.

The new lamps feature a one-piece integrated flange design that mounts directly to the surface of a vehicle, eliminating the need for accessory mounting brackets or grommets, Grote said. They come with a cushioning gasket seal that keeps water and debris from getting behind the lamp while also functioning as a shock absorbing mechanism.

The design also incorporates an extremely robust, hermetic, lens-to-housing seal that resists moisture intrusion that would result in component corrosion.

“The integrated flange design is the most versatile and cost effective addition to the premium, SuperNova NexGen LED product family to date,” said Randy Staggs, business development manager for signal lighting. “OEMs will benefit from improved assembly efficiency, while fleets and other end-users will incur simplified repair and replacement requirements.”

The lights illuminate 200 milliseconds faster than incandescent bulbs, resulting in additional warning time equivalent to as much as a full car length of extra stopping distance at 65 mph for following vehicles.

Both the flanged 4-in. stop/tail/turn and flanged dual-system back-up lamps are available with hard-shell and male-pin termination options, which allow them to make use of existing pigtails for installation flexibility and cost effective retrofitting.

The flanged 4-in. stop/tail/turn lamps and flanged dual-system back-up lamps have durable acrylic lenses and housings composed of hard-coated polycarbonate material. Both come with a 10-year warranty.