LOUISVILLE, KY. A new gooseneck design plus additional standard equipment has been added to Trail King’s Advantage Plus! Series hydraulic detachable gooseneck (HDG) trailer. The trailer still includes self-lifting hydraulic cylinders, non-ground bearing design, and V-shaped alignment guide, all of which allow for easy detaching, loading/unloading, and hook-up.

The new 5-position gooseneck door adjustment allows for a full 8 in. range of king pin height settings plus a notched setting control bar designed to properly set the gooseneck doors in the desired position. The gooseneck includes an “arched” design to create more clearance for the truck frame, Trail King said.

Heavy-duty pullout front outriggers have been added to provide extra strength at the pivot point where weight is concentrated during the loading/unloading process. They are built right into the frame. There are also spring-loaded stainless steel latches that can be turned and locked open, leaving both hands free to pull out or push in the outriggers.

In addition, close-set outriggers at mid-deck to prevent planks from tipping up as the load rolls over them are now also standard.

Trail King has also converted a number of optional items to standard features, including covered knuckle trough in the rear deck; covered boom trough in the wheel area; third lift axle; adjustable ride height control, with controls conveniently located near the rear tail channel; 10 in. I-beam cross members, with 4 in. stub cross members for 12 in. centers in the outer bays; LED lights and a sealed “plug and play” electrical system; and heavy-duty bent-style D-rings (7 pairs).

The trailer is available in 35-, 51-, and 55-ton capacities.