TRP Aftermarket Parts is offering a new line of chrome and stainless accessories for truck owners interested in creating a custom look.

The chrome-plated and stainless steel parts are manufactured with 304-grade or 430-grade stainless steel to resist corrosion and include chrome plating for a uniform finish.

“They’re also made using high-quality tooling,” said Everett Seymoure, global brand manager for TRP Aftermarket Parts. Tooling gives the parts smooth lines, symmetry and excellent fit, an important detail for those truck owners and operators who appreciate quality aesthetics.”

TRP offers a variety of chrome and stainless parts including fenders, bumpers, exterior accessories such as kick panels, steps, skirts and tool boxes, and interior accessories such as knobs and panels.

“Truck owners looking at keeping their trucks a few more years or selling them on the used market should consider the potential value to be gained from having TRP chrome and stainless accessories,” Seymoure said. “If you want to have an edge over the competition, your trucks not only have to look clean and run like clockwork under the hood, they really have to stand out in a crowd.”