A new LED lighting product offers more versatility and cost savings to customers through a flexible mounting design, Truck-Lite said. The Flex-Lite requires no additional accessories and includes versatile wire options, the company noted.

According to Bob Ives, vp of marketing, the light features two robust thermoplastic housing designs, allowing for a flexible mounting surface to be molded directly around the lens. The unique design of the “winged” version allows for a wide array of mounting options and is ideal for placing on the corner radius in trailer and body applications, Truck-Lite said.

The company also offers a non-winged version it believes will be popular in the aftermarket because it can be used to immediately replace failed lamps without tools or additional parts and covers the holes left behind from initial installation.

The light is manufactured with a special peel-and-stick adhesive backing that is affixed to the surface with a heavy-duty adhesive designed to hold up to the weather and impacts.

Available with both a rear-exit and side-exit wiring housing style, the lamps allow for both installation without a wiring feed hole (for installation against any flat surface), as well as a clean installation

with power and ground wires feeding into the vehicle or trailer body.