Midwest refrigerated carrier D&D Sexton has contracted to use re-refined motor oil from Universal Lubricants.

Universal collects, re-refines, blends, packages and redistributes its own 15W-40 oil under the Eco Ultra line. The recycled oil reduces engine wear, extends drain intervals, and improves fuel economy, according to Universal.

The oil is part of Universal’s line of American Petroleum Institute (API) licensed recycled engine oils and coolants that meets current vehicle manufacturers’ specifications and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) requirements.

“Our decision to become an early adopter of Eco Ultra 15W-40 was relatively uncomplicated, as the product cost-effectively aligns with D&D’s operational needs, and moreover, aligns with our core company values to do honest business and make a positive difference, whenever possible,” said Ed Boes, D&D’s terminal manager. “Simply, Eco Ultra empowers D&D to further its commitment to serve as the ‘Driving Force of the Future,’ in another powerful way.”

D&D operates 170 trucks.