A new line of advanced high-frequency industrial battery chargers offer improved power conversion circuitry for efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility, Ametek Prestolite Power said.

The design of the Eclipse II Series makes if 93% efficient, converting AC power to usable DC power with minimum possible impact on the utility grid, the company said. A 0.95 power factor minimizes AC amp draw and thereby reduces installation costs.

The compact design of the Eclipse II requires no more space than existing industrial chargers.

Both the Eclipse II conventional charger and Eclipse II Plus for opportunity and fast charging are able to recharge a fully drained lead-acid battery in eight hours or less. The Eclipse II Plus opportunity charging function sustains the battery between 30% and 80% state of charge via short, opportunistic charges and is able to fully charge a battery in six hours or less.

The EC2000 control includes four LEDs that provide charge status. There is also a sealed membrane touch pad and programmable start modes that allow batteries to be charged during off-peak hours. It also allows for user controlled battery cool down for increased control of battery rotation, resulting in increased battery efficiency and longer life.

There is minimal temperature rise during charging, according to the company. Also available is an optional battery identification module (BID) that is programmed with battery information including rated capacity, rated voltage and battery type. The BID tracks and records completed charge cycles. When the number of completed cycles matches the user selected equalize interval, the Eclipse II equalizes the battery, ensuring that every battery is equalized at the interval selected by the customer regardless of which charger is connected.