Valvoline has added two new products – a heavy duty engine oil and a diesel fuel injector cleaner - to its UltraMax line of oils. The new products will be formally introduced Aug. 25 at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas.

A new full synthetic SAE 10W-40 UltraMax heavy duty engine oil is said to offer a formulation that exceeds the “highest performance requirements of all major U.S. and European engine makers.” According to Valvoline, it offers “excellent high temperature film thickness and low temperature pumpability for extended wear protection under severe loading conditions.”

The company also announced a companion product, the UltraMax diesel fuel injector cleaner. Designed for use in trucks, buses, off-road machines, and other equipment, the ultra-low-sulfur diesel compliant product is a one-shot, in-tank treatment that cleans harmful deposits from the fuel injection system.

It can also be used with B10 biodiesel fuel, and is available as either an “in-tank cleanup” or as an addition to bulk fuel.