A new series of scale systems from Vishay Precision Group (VPG) helps notify drivers of cargo overload situations. The offerings, which include the Axle transducer scale system, Trojan suspension-mounted scale system, and the Airscale system for vehicles with air suspensions, provide accuracy, ease of use and durability for even the harshest of on-board applications, the company said.

The products are offered through VPG’s On-Board Weighing division. They are compatible with a range of truck makes and models to eliminate overloading fees and reduce vehicle maintenance by ensuring trucks are loaded properly.

There is no driver interaction needed and each system is accurate within 2%, VPG said. There is an easy two-step calibration process and self diagnostics.

The Axle and Trojan transducers are designed to provide gross vehicle weight, net payload weight, and axle group weights. The Trojan system is available for dual rear axle configurations, while the Axle system is available for single and dual rear axle configurations. Both systems can be used with pusher, tag, or lift axles. Axle group weights are provided for both the front and rear axle groups, and rear-only systems are also available.

The Airscale suspension-based weighing system is available for trucks with air suspensions and provides gross or net vehicle weight by measuring the pneumatic pressure change in the suspension as weight is added and subtracted. Axle group weights are provided, as well as gross and net weights. Rear-axle-group-only and front-axle-group-only systems are also available.

All overload protection systems are available with an optional relay board, printer, and handheld remote. Connected through an expansion slot, the relay board allows an audio or visual alarm to be added to the system, in addition to the standard flashing weight reading on the meter's display. Connected via RS232, the handheld remote displays the weight reading when the driver is away from the meter while the printer prints out the time, date, weight, and ID number.