Vulcan Spring and Manufacturing Co. has redesigned its website, launching the new site with enhanced customer features, additional support resources, and improved customer service.

The site,, offers simpler navigation, more content, including videos and multimedia, Quickfinder search option, and more interactive features, the company said.

“Our new website better reflects Vulcan’s ongoing focus on people, and our commitment to customer service and support,” said Paul Jarossy, director, sales and marketing. “Vulcan has always been a company that believes in personalized service and focus. That’s why our new site is a brighter, friendlier, content-rich and an easier-to-navigate place for current and prospective customers.”

The site includes detailed information on Vulcan products and innovations. It also offers customers access to specialized design help, including customized solutions to match individual applications.

“We’ve been leading the way in flat spring technology, especially in constant and variable force springs, for more than 45 years,” said Jarossy. “Our new website simply brings us closer to our customers, so that we can work in partnership with them to provide effective mechanical, display, and transportation solutions.”