Vulcan Spring and Manufacturing Co. has released new spiral torsion springs and wire forms for industrial, brush motor, and other applications.

Spiral torsion springs are springs produced from flat steel and are characterized by the requirement that their coils do not touch during operation, Vulcan said. They exert a rotational torque, usually through 360 deg. rotation or less.

The inner end of the spring is typically bent to attach to an arbor or hub. The outer end is then attached to the object that is rotating or utilizing the torque of the spring. This type of spring can be found in brush motors and in certain applications where a short rotation is required.

Vulcan also announced that wire forms of countless shapes and sizes can also now be produced by Vulcan utilizing either flat or round wire steel. These forms are typically used as a tensioning mechanism or to hold objects in place. The ability of these forms to flex and return to their original shape is their defining characteristic.