TAMPA, FL. The Technology and Maintenance Council conference here is the first stop for the Webasto C5 Truck as it kicks off a cross-country tour of its idling-solutions technology.

The truck features the new BlueCool Bunk Cooler, which can keep a pre-cooled bunk at 70 deg. F for up to 10 hours without idling the truck engine or using shore power. Instead, the patented system charges a cold storage tank as the truck moves down the road, storing super-cooled fluids that can then be used to keep sleeper temperatures comfortable. The only power requirement is what Webasto calls a minimal power draw on the truck’s 12V batteries to run small fans and circulate the coolant.

The truck will spend the next few weeks visiting cities in the southern half of the U.S. before ending its tour at the company’s new BlueCool Truck Installation Center in Santa Fe Springs, CA. The center offers aftermarket installation of the no-idle cooling system as California prepares to ramp up efforts to control truck idling. An up-to-date tour schedule and information on the new installation center is available at the Webasto website.