Xantrex Technology Inc. points to the steady increase in sales of inverters as factory-installed options as a reflection of their use a tool for recruiting drivers. The company will host a free web seminar on Sept. 26 that will explain the market for inverters and how to choose the right one.

More specifically, the company says that inverters play a major role in improving driver comfort on the road. AC power is used to run microwaves, hotplates, televisions, laptops, consumer electronics and space heaters, Xantrex noted.

“We’re seeing more and more fleets spec inverters for all of their trucks,” said Brian Lawrence, Xantrex commercial vehicle sales manager said. “Sales on inverters installed as a factory option grew 25% annually through 2005, and sales are growing at a similar rate for the aftermarket. It’s clear that truck drivers want AC power in their trucks.”

To register for the seminar, go to https://lra100.livemeeting.com/LRSRegistration/EC/xantrex2/1390942893.aspx or contact James Van Dyk at 604-422-2627 or email james.vandyk@xantrex.com

For more information, go to www.xantrex.com