Customers of Doran 360HD and 360SL tire pressure monitoring systems have an easy-to-use web site with at-a-glance status updates to make understanding and using the systems even easier, Doran Mfg. said. The site includes a patent-pending “Green Means Good” indicator. Monitoring the economic payback for the system is also included on the site.

“The new site is very easy to use so that truckers and fleet managers can quickly find what they are looking for,” said Jim Samocki, Doran gm. “With intuitive layout and navigation — and easily accessible pathways to frequently asked questions, accessories, advantages and an online store — our goal is to provide information quickly. Because the only things worse than a flat tire or blowout is wasting time trying to find an online solution.”

The 360HD and 360SL can monitor up to 36 tires at once and use wireless tire pressure sensors to transmit a signal to an in-cab monitor. Alarms within the cab alert the driver to possible problems. Installation takes about an hour per truck per trailer.