Sloan Transportation Products has developed a combination swing away/shutoff gladhand for FedEx trailers. The single-unit device has a shutoff valve to keep contaminants from getting into the air delivery system and polyurethane gaskets to ensure a positive seal. Drivers won't need a dummy coupler to seal the gladhand. or 301

SKF/Chicago Rawhide is expanding its product line. In addition to new air dryers, cartridges and service kits, the company is offering remanufactured dryers and cartridges. For more information on the expanded line, call SKF/CR Customer Service at 800/882-0008 and request catalog #457960, “2004 All-Makes New and Remanufactured Dryers and Cartridges & New Service Kits Catalog.”

Caterpillar engineers Jim Weber and Scott Leman accepted the National Inventor of the Year award for their development of the Advanced Combustion Emission Reduction Technology (ACERT) engine system. The award was presented by the Intellectual Property Owners Assn.

Heavy-duty pit racks from Hunter Engineering feature adjustable runways and pedestals to accommodate a wide range of applications. All have two sets of front stairs and retractable work steps under the turnplate pockets. PT model and T-pit designs give techs full access to tandem-axle tractors and buses. PT and PF models are built into a 58-in. pit, allowing techs to work standing up.

The Holland Group has upgraded its line of extreme-duty pintle hooks and drawbars to decrease weight while increasing durability. The drawbars incorporate induction hardening for reduced wear and maximum strength. The PH-990ST71 pintle hook now includes wear plates, and the PH-775SL11 model features Holland's grease-free NoLube technology.