ChevronTexaco Global Lubricants has announced a newly-formulated Delo 400 Multigrade heavy-duty motor oil with improved soot dispersancy and anti-wear characteristics.

Introduced at The Truck Show in Las Vegas last month, the oil meets the so-called CI-4 Plus standard. The new standard, a modification of CI-4, improves soot thickening performance in new low-emissions engines, as well as in pre-'02 engines.

“Reductions in NOx emissions for 2002 have resulted in more soot entering the engine oil due to cooled EGR, retarded timing and high top piston rings,” said Jim McGeehan, global manager of diesel engine oil technology. “The new Delo 400 Multigrade reduces soot abrasive wear significantly below the OEM, API CI-4 or JASO DH-1 limits.”

The new formula represents another step toward the goal of developing “PC-10” oils for 2007 engines. “The big difference with PC-10 is that up to now our focus in developing oils has been entirely on how they perform in the engine,” said Gary Parsons, commercial automotive business unit manager, “Now we'll be concerned about how properties of the oil may affect emission control technology downstream of the engine. This is going to place new physical and chemical limits on oil.

“There is more stress on low-emission engines in terms of higher heat, more soot loading in the oil, and the potential for more corrosion,” Parsons explained. “The new Delo 400 formulation helps deal with these stresses and gets us further along the way to the PC-10 oil spec for 2007 engines.” or 301