Battery sizes 75/86, 25, 35 and 65 have been added to the Odyssey line of products made by EnerSys. The batteries provide starting power to applications ranging from light- to heavy-duty.

The new BCI size Odyssey batteries include the following:

  • 25-PC1400: 740 cold cranking amps; 100-min. reserve capacity;
  • 35-PC1400: 740 CCA; 90-min. reserve capacity;
  • 75/86-PC1230: 710 CCA; 90-min. reserve capacity;
  • 65-PC1750: 1,150 CCA; 135-min. reserve capacity.

According to EnerSys, Odyssey batteries feature an absorbed glass mat design that gives service life of three to ten years, storage life up to two years, and spill-prevention acid containment.