At the National Private Truck Council's annual conference and exhibition in Indianapolis last month, GE Trailer Fleet Services announced that it is offering an integrated refrigerated trailer leasing program.

The new Integrated Refrigerated Trailer Lease provides leased reefer assets on a five- to seven-year term, with pre-defined costs per hour of operation and cost per mile. Included is an integrated tracking feature with reefer monitoring and exception-based reporting by GE's VeriWise solution. Normal maintenance for wear and tear on the trailer and reefer unit is included and on-site service is provided at a GE branch or at a customer's location.

According to Joe Artuso, CEO of GE Trailer Fleet Services, the new lease handles the entire process of acquiring, licensing, maintaining, tracking and disposing of reefers. “For one simple monthly payment, our new product offering gives customers the asset type they need while controlling costs and simplifying their budget,” he stated.