Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire has announced that its Bridgestone Greatec radials are now fully available at truckstops, dealers and OE manufacturers. With their wide base design and high load capacity, a single Greatec can replace a dual assembly on driver or trailer axles, according to the company.

Since the 445/50R22.5 size is equivalent in overall diameter to regular low-profile radials for 22.5-in. wheels, switching to Greatec wide-base tires doesn't change vehicle height. Bridgestone estimates that Greatec radials could reduce overall vehicle weight by 600 to 1,200 lb., and that they could save 2 to 5% on fuel savings compared to conventional, non-fuel efficient dual tire assemblies.

Greatec radials are designed to directly replace tractor dual assemblies without modifying the axles. On trailers, retrofit may be possible using 2-in. offset wheels. Such a change may also require a change in the GAWR of the axles. Bridgestone emphasizes that it is critically important to consult the manufacturer before retrofitting trailers with any brand of wide based radials.

Greatec drive radials have a 26/32 in. tread depth and a pattern that resembles the Bridgestone M726 and M726 EL. Tread depth for trailer radials is 14/32 in.; pattern is similar to the R195F.

Maximum load capacity for each Greatec radial is 10,200 lb. at 120 psi; they are designed for use at a maximum sustained speed of 75 mph.