A 9,000-lb.-capacity COMPOSILITE ST (steerable) lift axle is now available from Hendrickson International for truck and trailer applications. The new version delivers all of the advantages and durability of its 13,500-lb.-capacity counterpart for operators who may only need 9,000 lb. or less carrying capacity per lift axle, says the company.

The lighter-duty version weighs just 720 lb. and is designed for use with 19.5-in. tires. New features include a 2.5-in. drop axle and an aluminum crossmember. The suspension is designed with aluminum hangers, with steel available as an option.

“The 9K models maintains key features to the end-user, including 28 degrees of wheel cut and 13.5 inches of travel,” notes Paul Brown, marketing manager for Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle Systems. “At the same time, we provide a light-duty system that allows for quick and easy maintenance. All COMPOSILITE suspensions use industry-standard components, including 15×14-in. brakes.”