Brake Pro Ltd. has introduced CCM2423, a premium heavy-duty friction material designed for long lining life, longer drum life, and quieter braking. Identified by a metallic light red edge color, CCM2423 was specifically developed by linehaul and vocational trucks with 23,000-lb. GAW ratings.

According to Brake Pro, uses the firm's patented CCM formula, which combines three “leading edge formulation concepts” into one brake lining: conformability (the compressibility of the brake lining provides greater surface contact); cohesiveness (transfer film technology enhances compatibility between lining and drum) and finally, it's metallic (meaning there are unique metallic fibers added to provide superior thermal capacity and diffusivity to let lining run cooler).

Brake Pro says fleets choosing its application-specific CCM linings can “experience longer maintenance intervals due to longer drum and lining life as well as superior stopping performance.”