To give its customers more peace of mind about the switch to '07 low-emissions engine technology, Volvo Trucks North America will make its two-way satellite communications Volvo Link Sentry and its Volvo Action Service (VAS) 24/7 roadside assistance standard on all trucks equipped with the new engines. Both services will be provided free of charge for three years on Volvo trucks equipped with the '07 D-11, D-13, or D-16, as well as '07 Cummins engines.

Volvo Link is a proprietary system that uses a network of 30 low-orbit satellites to offer two-way communication between drivers and technicians, as well as feed fault codes and other engine data to a “virtual” technician to help solve any problems on the road.

“It combines early warning of potential trouble with VAS' technical counsel and a round-the-clock customer support system,” said Scott Kress, senior vp-sales & marketing. “It has the added benefit of giving us a real-time status report on how our new engines are performing.”

At the end of three years, owners can purchase additional coverage.