The Commercial Vehicle Systems Group of Dana Corp. announced that its SmartWave TPMS tire pressure monitoring system is now available as a retrofit for a number of chassis configurations.

SmartWave TPMS is a real-time electronic system that measures the air pressure and temperature for each tire on a vehicle. The system, which is suitable for all wheel and tire types, transmits data wirelessly to a receiver mounted on the vehicle and displays the information in the cab.

In addition, SmartWave can send information to off-board communications systems using the J1939 data link, “allowing fleets to capture…real-time pressure and temperature data to provide proactive maintenance and help eliminate costly road-side tire failures,” says Dana.

SmartWave TPMS will initially be available for retrofit at OE dealers for the following chassis configurations:

  • 4 × 2 with standard dual tires;
  • 6 × 4 with wide-base tires;
  • 6 × 4 with standard dual tires.

SmartWave TPMS was developed in collaboration with SmarTire Systems Inc.