GE Equipment Services announced the availability of a new solar panel option for its VeriWise Asset Intelligence telematics system during the TCA convention in Orlando last month.

The VeriWise system, which enables carriers and shippers to monitor assets in transit, can now be equipped with a solar module that is designed to maintain the charge and extend the life of the batteries that power the monitoring devices in untethered or dropped trailers.

According to GE, the solar panel, manufactured by GE Energy, needs only two hours of direct sunlight each day to maintain the charge of the sealed lead acid (SLA) battery that powers new models of the VeriWise system.

The optional solar energy module minimizes the need to re-tether the trailer every 120 days to recharge the battery and can extend battery life up to ten years. Rated at 1.25 watts, with a rated voltage of 13.0 volts, the maintenance-free solar charging unit was specifically designed to match the device's SLA battery.