ConocoPhillips Co.'s new 76 Triton SynLube LDO is a long-drain gear lubricant developed to provide extended drain intervals in heavy-duty axles, according to Reginald Dias, director, commercial products.

The new lube is designed for extended drain-service in linehaul trucks and other commercial vehicles having axles with hypoid gear sets. Tests of 76 Triton SynLube LDO have confirmed extended drain capabilities under OEM warranty protection, excellent low temperature properties, enhanced thermal stability at elevated temperatures and a high load-carrying capacity, noted Dias.

The lube has been approved for 500,000-mile drain intervals under ArvinMeritor 076-R requirements. According to the company, 76 Triton SynLube LDO provides extended gear life through varied conditions including speed, load, temperature and torque, all of which can attribute to shortened gear life. The new lube is currently available in drums and kegs in two viscosity grades, 75W-90 and 80W-140.