Major upgrades for the company's lines of heavy-duty alternators and starters were introduced by Delco Remy International at the annual meeting of ATA's Technology and Maintenance Council.

The Delco Remy 35SI brushless alternator has been designed to handle the higher operating temperatures created by new diesel engine designs used to meet the 2002 emissions levels. Now capable of reliable performance in temperatures up to 221 deg. F, the new brushless design is being introduced in 110- and 135-amp models.

Later this year, Delco Remy says it will expand the hi-temp alternator line with two high-amp models, the Road Gang Road Power putting out 165 amps at road speed and the Road Gang Idle Power, with 135-amp output at road speed and 100-amp output at engine idle. All models feature remote voltage sensing.

The Delco Remy MxT (maximum torque technology) heavy-duty starters are up to 45% lighter than the company's popular 42MT line, but offer high torque output for medium- and heavy-duty applications. The new MxT line consists of the 29MT for engines with displacements up to 8.0L; the 38MT for engines up to 12.0L; and the 39MT for engines up to 15.0L.

All three feature high-strength helical gearing, bushings and bearings in a fully sealed housing. The two heavier models also feature Delco Remy's electrical soft-start technology and an integral magnetic switch. or 303